Immigration Law


Not only do we take a unique and individual approach, but we do so for a competitive and reasonable rates.  

I.S. Law Firm has expertise in all areas of immigration law. Our experience has taught us that working closely with our clients throughout the immigration process is essential to avoiding mistakes and ensuring the successful completion of their applications as quickly as possible. Immigration is one of the most complicated areas of law in the United States, in part because the laws and regulations governing it are constantly evolving. Minor mistakes in the application process can lead to delays, extra costs, and other unfavorable consequences. While some firms use the same forms and procedures for all clients, we treat our clients as individuals and take the time to carefully evaluate the specific laws that apply to each case. We will assist you step by step through the process of applying for and obtaining the following:


Not only do we take a unique, client-by-client approach to immigration cases, but we do so for a competitive, reasonable rate. Please feel free to contact us at 703-527-1779, or via e-mail: law@islawfirm.com to ask about your case.

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