E-s visa applicants from Ukraine and other post-Soviet states frequently have difficulties with proving the source of income, because almost no one trusts banks or most individuals do not use bank accounts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other post-Soviet countries.  Most transactions in those countries are made in cash due to the undeveloped and fragile banking system.  […]

Unfortunately, both of those methods are not available.  Your family is not eligible for a tourist visa, because they have an immigrant intent.  For a tourist visa, they have to prove that they have no intention of living in the US permanently.  But, since they are clearly intending to immigrate into the US, based on […]

First, your family members may be eligible for Humanitarian Parole.  Humanitarian Parole is designed to allow the applicants to expeditiously enter the United States due to a compelling emergency.  The current processing time anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months.  To be eligible for Humanitarian Parole, you must demonstrate that your family members are either […]

Prior to every asylum interview, the USCIS asylum office obtains from the consulate copies of all your visa applications. The asylum officer will review the forms and information you provided during the consular process and compare it to the information you provided in the asylum application. If there are any inconsistencies or contradictions, the asylum […]

Every application and interaction with the USCIS or DOS creates extra questions in the context of asylum process. One of the tasks of an asylum officer is to verify the applicant’s credibility. One of the ways by which the officer checks the applicant’s credibility is by comparing the asylum application to the applicant’s previous applications […]

Depends. There are two different notions, lawful status and lawful presence. One may lose his status, but remain in the period of lawful presence. A simple example is when someone applies for a change of status or when someone applies for asylum. During the pendency of the case, the applicant does not have a status […]

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