Yes. You can apply for asylum even after one year deadline, if you demonstrate that there are: changed circumstances which materially affect your eligibility; or extraordinary circumstances causing the delay. However, when these circumstances exist, you need to file the application within reasonable time given the exception. “Changed circumstances” means new developments which now give […]

The revocation or cancellation of your visa does not revoke your status. Visa and status are two different things. Your status continues until the date stamped in your passport when you entered. After you enter the United States, the duration of your visa in the passport does not affect the duration of your authorized stay. […]

Whenever you are in an auto-accident, it always best to take action immediately when it comes to filing a claim or contacting an attorney, but this does not mean that you lose your case if you do not act quickly. Depending on your state, there is a statute of limitations as to how long you […]

General district court limits damages to only $25,000, but the process is much quicker, there is no jury and litigation costs are limited in comparison to circuit court. For circuit court, the damages amount is unlimited, but there is a court filing fee and potential legal costs such as paying for a court reporter and […]

Yes, the loan is one of the legitimate sources for E-2 investment. However, the loan cannot be secured by the assets of your E-2 enterprise.  It can be either unsecured loan or a loan secured by your personal assets. NOTICE: The information contained on this site is intended to educate the general public and not […]

There is not the exact amount limit as a minimum or maximum for E-2 investment. The law requires that the investment be “substantial.”  Typically, an investment of $100,000 or more satisfies the substantiality test. The important factor for E-2 investment is proportionality – the amount you invest should be proportionate to business you do. In […]

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