Depends. There are two different notions, lawful status and lawful presence. One may lose his status, but remain in the period of lawful presence. A simple example is when someone applies for a change of status or when someone applies for asylum. During the pendency of the case, the applicant does not have a status […]

Not every arrest or charge will make you ineligible for citizenship. First, you must understand that being charged is not the same as being convicted. Only the crimes for which you were convicted or plead guilty will affect your eligibility for citizenship. But, let’s assume that you were convicted of DUI. How will it affect […]

You are not automatically ineligible for citizenship, however, one of the important factors of obtaining approval for citizenship is displaying “good moral character.” One of the ways good moral character is determined is by paying taxes each year you were required to do so. Therefore, it is strongly advised to seek a tax expert to […]

Your qualifications to be exempt are dependent upon your situation. If you are in good health, you cannot be exempt from the civics exam. However, you can be exempt from the English language exam if you are 50 or older and have been a permanent resident for 20 years, or if you are 55 or […]

The decision of when to file for a legal name change is ultimately up to you. There is a question on the naturalization application asking if you would like to change your name. You may do so this way, however, there is a slight chance it will take longer for you to receive your approved […]

If you did not register because you were unaware of the requirement, or were made aware after you passed the age to register, you can submit an affidavit along with your application explaining the reason why you did not. You should also obtain a Status Information Letter from the Selective Service stating that you are […]

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