On the issue of deporting aliens who committed crimes: Trump’s order does not create any new basis for deportation. The executive order relates only to those aliens who are already deportable and committed crimes. The order puts aliens charged with minor offenses in the same enforcement priority as undocumented aliens convicted of violent crimes. Not […]

For those that are seeking asylum, a good lawyer can mean the difference between success and failure. While it’s true that the final decision will be influenced by factors such as which asylum office you go to and which officer conducts the interview, you can improve your chances with the aid of an experienced lawyer. […]

L-1 (L-1A or L-1B) visas permit you to transport a worker with expert knowledge into the country. But just because you have a valid reason to bring over a worker has no bearing on whether the federal government will approve your request. Outlined below are the leading three reasons behind L-1 refusals. Unable to Confirm […]

Here at I.S. Law Firm, we know that the immigration process is complex and often difficult. For those that don’t work with an immigration attorney in Virginia, it can be almost impossible. Below are seven mistakes that people tend to make when they don’t work with a qualified lawyer. Forgetting to Pay the Fee As […]

Having the perfect immigration attorney take on your case can mean the difference between having a good or bad outcome. Here at I.S. Law Firm, we are here to help you. Most Virginia immigration lawyer professionals work very hard for their clients and honestly have your best interest in mind. They might, however, be earning […]

If you are looking to immigrate to the United States, ask for asylum, file a petition with USCIS or apply for a change of status, your first step is to find the best immigration lawyer for your case. Your lawyer will be your guide to the complicated process. Step 1: Price is Not Your Most […]

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